Assessment of the structure of the coal market in Russia

STK Market LLC

Objective of the project
Increase sales of grade D coal on the Russian market in 2019-2020. in conditions of stagnant demand and increased competition.

NEFT Research analyzed the volumes, dynamics and structure of consumption of grade D coal in Russia in 2018-2019. and identified potential markets for products, as well as the main competitors of STK Market LLC.

Sergey Drizik, commercial director of STK Market LLC:
“The strategic goal of our company was to attract new customers in the sales market of grade D hard coal. We needed detailed information about Russian consumers of this fuel, grade composition and approximate purchase prices in the regions. We were interested in the largest volumes of annual consumption.
The NEFT Research team helped us find new markets for D-grade coal in 2019 and provided an up-to-date analysis of supplies by region and consumer. As a result, we managed to increase sales by 20% and, in addition, we understood who we were mainly competing with. The forecast for coal consumption in Russia in 2020, provided by the NEFT Research team of consultants, helped our company’s management determine the sales strategy for the next year.”